Player Power Rankings

Darlington Nagbe skill

Welcome to Spreadsheet Warriors.  This is an attempt to be a semi-objective player power rankings. Each week, one of us will watch every moment of the game and assign grades for penetration and possession.  The scale is [-2] [0] [2].  Scores of -2 or 2, are reserved for definite and obvious actions.  Example: Asprilla’s shot against Dallas at home is without a doubt, universally obvious, thus would rate 2.  Grades of 1 and -1 are reserved for more contextually dubious actions.  0 is even.

Penetration: defined as any direct and significant advancement into enemy territory.  0 being even in this scale, points are not rewarded for maintenance passes.

Possession: defined as losing or maintaining possession in extraordinary circumstances.  0 being even in this scale, points are not rewarded for simply having the ball.

Actions around the ball are divided into three categories: Attack, Defense, and Possession.

Attack: Finishing, Attacking Pass, Attacking Run, Crossing, Distribution.

Defense: Clearance, Defensive Positioning, One on One Defending, Fouls, Aerial Wins.

Possession: Unforced Turnover, Keeping Possession Under Duress, Touch.

Impact Score & Efficiency Score

Impact: The total of negative and positive actions.

Efficiency: The total of negative and positive actions divided by total # of actions.  Perfect = 1.

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Lucas Melano11.925-14030
Liam Ridgewell10.770012-200
Diego Valeri13.7614-1001-1
Diego Chara12.75608-200
Fanendo Adi10.595-1108-3
Alvas Powell8.443011-11-6
Jermaine Taylor4.443-16-10-1
Darlington Nagbe1.101-10-20-1
Nat Borchers00005-50-1
Dairon Asprilla-8-.363-63-20-6


What’s the deal with Asprilla’s Score? 

When sorting the final tally I was a little surprised at Asprilla’s low score but it didn’t seem to be completely undeserved.  After listening to #RCTID’s podcasts and reading the analysis of the game,  the score really started to stick out like a sore thumb. I decided to go back and rescore the game in regards to Asprilla. The first aspect to consider is this, I can’t really account for intent. For example, let’s say the Timbers wanted to use Asprilla as a release valve and placed him in more difficult situations than his counterparts, should he be graded on a curve? Ideally, the scale wouldn’t be -2 [0] +2, it would be weighted by importance. The problem is establishing the correct numerical value for said importance.

Weaknesses in the model aside, I graded Asprilla with the same score as I did in the first watch.  I’ve provided GIF’s of the reason why so you can decide for yourself.

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