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The Timbers were beaten like a drum on Saturday.  Some days you roll out of bed and your tempo is just off, but I’m not sure if the Timbers know if they’re rushing or dragging.

The consistent inconsistency continues…

Jeff Bull wrote this in his game review this week:

… every player on the field will make some number of mistakes in any given game; those mistakes only really matter when the same one happens enough to become a pattern, or a habit – see (arguably; only arguably) Valentin’s thing about letting guys slip behind him.

Unfortunately,  the pattern of this season has been poor play followed by a reminder that it’s a young season and the squad is more than capable of pulling themselves out of a tailspin.  The match against Vancouver represents the third worse graded game of the season, landing ahead of stinkers against Orlando and Dallas. The Timbers lost possession by -14, and lost shots on goal by -8. Diego Valeri’s -6 score immediately sticks out, as he was coming off his best score +17 of the season against Toronto.  Valeri’s passing 79% was actually an improvement on his 74% for the season. However, as  you can see from the graph below, Valeri’s attacking passes were essentially completely shut down. That 79% is highly inflated with maintenance passes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.40.56 AM

The other glaring score is Chris Klute’s -9 score. This one didn’t pass the eye test for me, after my initial watch of the match, I thought Klute was fine.  What I did notice was the play of his opponent Fraser Aird, who according to whoscored.com had three successful dribbles and was fouled once while putting together a tidy 88% passing percentage.  Klute’s problem wasn’t necessarily going forward as he added a key pass and had 89% passing himself, it was the four times he was dispossessed in dangerous areas and his lack of ability to keep Aird locked down.

Darlington Nagbe’s score is underrated in that his -4 score is weighing down an otherwise good offensive performance.  The  defensive midfield continues to have problems as Nagbe’s defensive positioning is often leaving Diego Chara out to dry.  Chara himself had a poor defensive performance as he was a step slow in one on one defense and often positioned himself too far from his center backs.


Timbers Defensive Impact Scores

This checks out with the fact that 58% of Vancouver’s shots were taken centrally and 65% of their shots were from inside the 18.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.39.28 AM

It also checks out with Mr. Nat Borchers who said after the game…

“They had a lot of the ball in the midfield and we just weren’t able to get pressure to them.”

Both @SoccerTouchDown and @PortlandTimbros made bold predictions that Zemanski would start against Vancouver. The idea sat with me for a long while because it solves two problems, it perhaps puts a band-aid on our defensive woes, while also filling our black hole at LW, as Nagbe would be forced to shift out wide. While that is less than ideal for Darlington Nagbe, it appears that teams have adjusted and are now exploiting the space he concedes as a more naturally offensive number 8.

Check out our player pages for in-depth game grades, GIF’s, and images for each player.

Vs. Vancouver

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Darlington Nagbe8.198-44
Fanendo Adi6.27303
Zarek Valentin4.1823-1
Nat Borchers3.13030
Lucas Melano1.0521-2
Diego Chara1.035-40
Liam Ridgewell001-10
Darren Mattocks-2-.090-31
Jack McInerney-2-1.00-10-1
Jack Barmby-2-.50-10-1
Diego Valeri-6-.16-600
Chris Klute-9-.47-1-4-4

2016 Season Total

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Zarek Valentin7.0545-2
Ned Grabavoy-5-.095-8-2
Nat Borchers46.35049-3
Lucas Melano32.202471
Liam Ridgewell10.38-1110
Jermaine Taylor28.22727-6
Jack McInerney-3-.128-5-6
Jack Jewsbury-1-.030-10
Jack Barmby-15-.34-1-10-4
Fanendo Adi66.24261030
Diego Valeri50.1756-1-5
Diego Chara9.0517-80
Darren Mattocks1.0510-4-5
Darlington Nagbe32.2329-47
Dairon Asprilla-21-.32-100-11
Chris Klute-1.0329-12
Ben Zemanski1.142-21
Alvas Powell4.03812-16

Game Grades

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Match 1 vs. Columbus61.442935-6
Match 2 vs. San Jose61.3726269
Match 3 vs. Real Salt Lake39.2526112
Match 4 vs. Orlando City-32-.170-15-17
Match 5 vs. LA Galaxy20.13913-2
Match 6 vs. Dallas-4-.0124-15-13
Match 7 vs. San Jose42.18377-2
Match 8 vs. New England32.141720-5
Match 9 vs. Toronto31.1416114
Match 10 vs. Vancouver2.0112-9-1

Top 5 Performances in 2016

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Jermaine Taylor vs. NE16.67215-1
Diego Valeri vs. TOR17.35764
Fanendo Adi vs. LAG14.54903
Diego Valeri vs. CBUS13.761300
Diego Chara vs. CBUS12.75660

Top 5 Worst Performances in 2016

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Chris Klute vs. Vancouver-9-.47-1-4-4
Alvas Powell vs. Orlando City-9-.311-5-5
Alvas Powell vs. DAL-9-.333-7-5
Ned Grabavoy vs. DAL-10-.63-1-3-6
Jack Barmby vs. ORL-15-.6-3-8-4



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