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Adi Player Index

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I left Sunday’s match with a feeling of euphoric optimism, I didn’t even try to intellectualize the game knowing I’d be pouring over hours of tape over the next day or so.  My partner mentioned to me that she thought that there might be a handful of players with a chance to break our scoring records.  My friends nodded as we headed home to enjoy some pretty fantastic Portland weather.  Arriving home, I waxed poetic about the game, sipped a Kentucky Mule, and Jon Snow magically rose from the dead.  Needless to say, it was a good day.

Before I sat down with sober reflection, I got a text from someone I respect telling me to keep an eye on the defensive third.  If not for Gleeson, that game would be a blow out, he said.  I noticed that those who watched the game on the tubes weren’t wearing their rose city colored glasses. It struck me, that this belongs to the narrative of the goalkeeper.  Men and Woman who guard their post everyday with conviction only to be shrouded in the shadow, only to be seen in the reflection of another’s light.

The goal is soccer’s fiesta: the striker sparks delight and the goalkeeper, a wet blanket, snuffs it out… – Eduardo Galeano, Soccer in Sun and Shadow 

Goals are the bringer of light, and the reminder of life, during death’s constant creeping. Goalkeepers, the pilots of uncertainty, operate in the darkness of the unknown. Sitting in the comfort of one’s home with a loved one, or loving pet, I can see how it might seem “If not for Gleeson”.  However, if you were in the mob of it all, amongst the fickle wisdom of the masses, hanging on every blade of artificial grass, or shall I say the disruption of little black rubber pellets, Jake Gleeson wasn’t so much standing on his head, as he was holding all of our collective hands as the plane crashed down, softly whispering “Don’t cry, I will save you”.

So for me it wasn’t so much “If not” but “because of.” Small distinction I admit, but credit is due for Gleeson’s long journey.

Does anyone know where I can send Gleeson pictures of the Sunday he saved?

Speaking of saviors, Diego Valeri’s +17 score is the highest of the season just beating out last week’s maverick Jermaine Taylor +16. Diego Valeri was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Toronto often couldn’t find him and when they did he was blowing past them with some sublime dribbling and one tasty free kick.

16’ – Long cross from Valeri to Melano, Valentin’s cross into box headed away by Bradley

17’ – Valeri – Mattocks – Valeri – Adi, goal Timbers (1-0)

26’ – Valeri nutmegs Beitashour

27’ – Nice outlet pass by Valeri to Melano, Melano shows off his speed

53’ – Valeri nutmegs, Melano heads Klute’s cross over the bar

67’ – Klute – Zemanski – Melano – Valeri backheel – Melano’s cross blocked

Replay #1 of DV’s FK goal (from NW corner)

Wow, just wow. It should be noted that Diego Valeri’s +6 possession score is the second highest of the season. If a player can maintain possession like that while attacking as much as DV8 does, it’s just unstoppable.

Fanendo Adi’s scores have been slipping a bit, he was his usual beastly self against Toronto but I think Michael Bradley did a good job squeezing his zone keeping Adi from distributing with his hold up play. As a hold up striker, that is where Adi feasts, so good job by Toronto to mitigate the damage.

Zarek Valentin had a very good game rebounding from last weeks -5 putting up a 6 pack. His defense was vastly improved and could have really pushed up the rankings if a few passes had landed here or there.

The overall game score 31 sits right in the middle of the pack. Toronto came to play, when Giovinco kept his feet on the ground he was dangerous, Bradley kept Adi in check, and Will Johnson showed the dogged determinism that we all know him for.

In other words, both teams played hard…


Vs. Toronto

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Nat Borchers11.73012-1
Diego Valeri17.35746
Zarek Valentin6.25-161
Lucas Melano4.2250-1
Ben Zemanski1.142-21
Darlington Nagbe1.091-22
Chris Klute1.0521-2
Diego Chara1.044-52
Fanendo Adi00-211
Liam Ridgewell00-220
Darren Mattocks-7-.410-3-4
Dairon Asprilla-4-10-3-1

Season Total

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Diego Valeri56.2162-1-5
Nat Borchers43.37046-3
Fanendo Adi43.24231027
Lucas Melano31.222263
Jermaine Taylor28.22727-6
Darlington Nagbe24.232103
Liam Ridgewell10.38-2120
Diego Chara8.0512-40
Chris Klute8.09313-8
Alvas Powell4.03812-16
Zarek Valentin3.0322-1
Darren Mattocks3.0710-1-6
Ben Zemanski1.142-21
Jack McInerney-1-.029-5-5
Jack Jewsbury-1-.030-10
Ned Grabavoy-5-.095-8-2
Jack Barmby-13-.320-10-3
Dairon Asprilla-21-.32-100-11

Game by Game

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Match 1 vs. Columbus61.442935-6
Match 2 vs. San Jose61.3726269
Match 3 vs. Real Salt Lake39.2526112
Match 4 vs. Orlando City-32-.170-15-17
Match 5 vs. LA Galaxy20.13913-2
Match 6 vs. Dallas-4-.0124-15-13
Match 7 vs. San Jose42.18377-2
Match 8 vs. New England32.141720-5
Match 9 vs. Toronto31.1416114
Match 10 vs. Vancouver2.0112-9-1

Top 5 Performances in 2016

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Jermaine Taylor vs. NE16.67215-1
Diego Valeri vs. TOR17.35764
Fanendo Adi vs. LAG14.54903
Diego Valeri vs. CBUS13.761300
Diego Chara vs. CBUS12.75660

Top 5 Worst Performances in 2016

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency ScoreAttackingDefensePossession
Chris Klute vs. Vancouver-9-.47-1-4-4
Alvas Powell vs. Orlando City-9-.311-5-5
Alvas Powell vs. DAL-9-.333-7-5
Ned Grabavoy vs. DAL-10-.63-1-3-6
Jack Barmby vs. ORL-15-.6-3-8-4





Welcome to Spreadsheet Warriors.  This is an attempt to be a semi-objective player power rankings. Each week, one of us will watch every moment of the game and assign grades for penetration and possession.  The scale is [-2] [0] [2].  Scores of -2 or 2, are reserved for definite and obvious actions.  Example: Asprilla’s shot against Dallas at home is without a doubt, universally obvious, thus would rate 2.  Grades of 1 and -1 are reserved for more contextually dubious actions.  0 is even.

Penetration: defined as any direct and significant advancement into enemy territory.  0 being even in this scale, points are not rewarded for maintenance passes.

Possession: defined as losing or maintaining possession in extraordinary circumstances.  0 being even in this scale, points are not rewarded for simply having the ball.

Actions around the ball are divided into three categories: Attack, Defense, and Possession.

Attack: Finishing, Attacking Pass, Attacking Run, Crossing, Distribution.

Defense: Clearance, Defensive Positioning, One on One Defending, Fouls, Aerial Wins.

Possession: Unforced Turnover, Keeping Possession Under Duress, Touch.


Impact: The total of negative and positive actions.

Efficiency: The total of negative and positive actions divided by total # of actions.  Perfect = 1.


Written by @RoscoeMyrickTID

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