Game Grades and Player Power Rankings

Portland Timbers Player Power Rankings

Written by @RoscoeMyrickTID

Welcome to Spreadsheet Warriors.  This is an attempt to be a semi-objective player power rankings. Each week, one of us will watch every moment of the game and assign grades for penetration and possession.  The scale is [-2] [0] [2].  Scores of -2 or 2, are reserved for definite and obvious actions.  Example: Asprilla’s shot against Dallas at home is without a doubt, universally obvious, thus would rate 2.  Grades of 1 and -1 are reserved for more contextually dubious actions.  0 is even.

Penetration: defined as any direct and significant advancement into enemy territory.  0 being even in this scale, points are not rewarded for maintenance passes.

Possession: defined as losing or maintaining possession in extraordinary circumstances.  0 being even in this scale, points are not rewarded for simply having the ball.

Actions around the ball are divided into three categories: Attack, Defense, and Possession.

Attack: Finishing, Attacking Pass, Attacking Run, Crossing, Distribution.

Defense: Clearance, Defensive Positioning, One on One Defending, Fouls, Aerial Wins.

Possession: Unforced Turnover, Keeping Possession Under Duress, Touch.


Impact: The total of negative and positive actions.

Efficiency: The total of negative and positive actions divided by total # of actions.  Perfect = 1.

dividerFanendo Adi takes our top spot this week with a gutsy performance against some pretty imposing Galaxy center backs.  Adi is reliant on his teammates to provide him clear chances with his face to goal but where he really excels in this model is how incredibly he’s been holding the ball up and creating chances for his teammates in dangerous areas.  The 13 point switch between Diego Valeri and Fanendo Adi, launches Adi ahead by quite the margin for the season rankings after the first negative score for Valeri this season.  Diego Valeri is always dangerous but he’s more of a risk taker, and he needs volume to make a huge impact in the game. With a season-low 53 touches, Valeri’s impact was minimized.

Chris Klute made his Timbers debut and while it looked like he was shaving off some rust going forward, he turned in a solid defensive performance earning a 3 (.16%), the best score since Jermain Taylor’s game 1 performance against Columbus.

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score
Jermaine Taylor4.44
Zarek Valentin-5-.22
Jack Barmby-15-.60
Chris Klute3.16

Nat Borchers torpedoed his score with two egregious errors, the first an unwise slide tackle on Gyasi Zardes just outside the box and of course the own goal late in the game.  Outside of that he was his usual search and destroy self bailing the Timbers out on many occasions.

Alvas Powell is on a definite skid, after posting a +27 for the first three games, Powell has managed a -14 in the last two games.

Liam Ridgewell sits 8th overall cumulatively, despite playing only one game. His .71 efficiency score sits as the highest rated Timber, while it’s a very small sample, it may suggest just how much we miss Ridgey rollin’.

Vs. LA Galaxy

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Fanendo Adi14.541122074
Jermaine Taylor4.33018300
Nat Borchers4.250010600
Darlington Nagbe4.50300131
Chris Klute3.16327313
Lucas Melano0.00243001
Diego Chara0.00215600
Diego Valeri-1-.06542213
Jack Jewsbury-1-.07104721
Ned Grabavoy-2-1.00000200
Alvas Powell-5-.29264203
Darren Mattocks00000000

Season Rankings

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Fanendo Adi45.492711603512
Diego Valeri28.206731361318
Nat Borchers19.3220371803
Darlington Nagbe17.25199651513
Diego Chara16.21176282025
Lucas Melano13.281597196
Alvas Powell13.1124193415718
Liam Ridgewell10.710012200
Jermaine Taylor10.1683291903
Ned Grabavoy7.64603200
Jack McInerney5.261250002
Chris Klute3.16327313
Darren Mattocks-1-.33011001
Zarek Valentin-5-.22445802
Jack Barmby-15-.60361915
Dairon Asprilla-15-.28102053411


Game Grades

GameImpact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Match 2 Vs. San Jose61.37502449232819
Match 1 vs. Columbus61.44401150151319
Match 3 vs. Real Salt Lake39.25603423121513
Match 4 vs. Orlando City-32-.17393921361936
Match 5 vs. LA Galaxy20.13292045321416
Match 6 vs. Dallas-4-.01674341562437
Match 7 vs. San Jose42.18662955482022
Match 8 vs. New England32.14402363432429


We are working on player pages that will feature the player’s score for each game along with graphs, gifs and images that will exist as a living document of each player.  It’s a bit time consuming but I’m working on it. If anyone would like to take on this project for T2 or the Thorns we’d love to have those teams documented.


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