Game Grades and Player Power Rankings

Let’s begin with the Timbers vs. Dallas.  The -4 score is the second worst score of the season, only beating out the debacle in Orlando. A competent second half pulled the Timbers negative score out of a tailspin. The channel that included Jack Jewsbury and Jermaine Taylor was stampeded time and time again.  Jewsbury earned himself a -8 while Jermaine Taylor (-3) somewhat salvaged his score with a couple of last second defensive efforts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.56.31 PM

If you overlay the players heat maps, you can actually see a channel formed through Jewsbury and Borchers.  With Borchers often being preoccupied with Barrios, it was left for Jewsbury and Taylor to close down this lane. Unfortunately, Maxi Urruti had his way with Jewsbury and Taylor wasn’t successful enough in putting out fires.


Part of the difficulty was the lack of defensive help from Ned Grabavoy.  According to whoscored.com, Grabavoy was officially dispossessed twice and added two unsuccessful touches.  We have him personally responsible for 6 losses of possession and a net -3 on defensive interactions… IN 45 MINUTES! Ned’s -10 score in a half was well on its way toward Barmby’s season worst -15.

Alvas Powell continues his epic skid, once again scoring in the negative with a -9. Powell started the season well but has hit a three game run of form that has taken his cumulative impact score from 27 to 4.

It’ll be interesting to see if and where Zarek’s score stabilizes. A flatter line may add fuel to the fire that Alvas has more upside while Valetin may provide more consistency.

Moving on to a game with a much better outcome, The Timbers scored a +42 against San Jose putting up the 3rd highest score of the season. Most of that score was dominated by the Adi transforming the team into his own personal hype machine scoring an +8, which prorated over 90 minutes would have given him a +22 which would be the highest score of the season by 8 points.

It really helps when you can do this:

Lucas Melano’s score (+5) is a bit stunted because of some losses of possession early in the match. His +13 attacking score sits just outside the top 5,  that is occupied by various Diego Valeri matches.  Melano’s score is buoyed by what I can’t decide if I want to call combo platters or rip & runs, whereby Melano either retains or maintains possession in pressure and springs an attack earning him multiple points in one sequence. Either way, he is a terror in transition.

Diego Chara is on a bit of a skid points-wise but I do think this is a product of being overstretched playing next to Ned Grabavoy while also logging heavy heavy minutes in that role. I fully expect a rested Chara to regain form next week in New England.

The Timbers are in good shape going forward as they are set to return Darlington Nagbe (+17) (.25) to replace Jack Jewsbury (-7) (-.33) & Ned Grabavoy (-5) (-.09).  Additionally Liam Ridgewell’s (+10)(.71) inclusion into the lineup should help soothe the defensive woes we saw a lot in Dallas and a little against San Jose.

Top 5 Performances This Season

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Faneno Adi vs. LAG14.541122074
Diego Valeri vs. Crew13.761410011
Diego Chara vs. Crew12.75608200
Nat Borchers vs SJ Match 112.672013201
Jermaine Taylor vs. New England16.672018301

Top 5 Worst Performances This Season

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Jack Barmby vs. Orlando City-15-.6361915
Ned Grabavoy vs. FC Dallas-10-.63013606
Alvas Powell vs. FC Dallas-9-.33741816
Alvas Powell vs. Orlando City-9-.31762716
Jack Jewsbury vs. FC Dallas-8-.42331011

Vs. San Jose

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Diego Valeri5.161572313
Nat Borchers4.25019510
Diego Chara-5-.225341001
Lucas Melano5.41344437
Jermaine Taylor3.27017201
Ned Grabavoy-2-.082241062
Jack McInerney1.07541221
Chris Klute4.20427313
Darren Mattocks8.50802123
Zarek Valentin7.238411800
Fanendo Adi11.73613040
Jack Jewsbury11001000

Vs. FC Dallas

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Fanendo Adi8.33611097
Diego Valeri6.1226150137
Lucas Melano6.23942155
Nat Borchers4.40007300
Jack Barmby1.11211221
Diego Chara-3-.10696611
Jack McInerney00111100
Chris Klute00216502
Jermaine Taylor-3-.1043101301
Jack Jewsbury-8-.402331011
Alvas Powell-9-.33741816
Ned Grabavoy-10-.63013606

Season Rankings

Player Impact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Zarek Valentin2.04128161602
Ned Grabavoy-5-.0983101868
Nat Borchers27.3121532613
Lucas Melano24.2428171361718
Liam Ridgewell10.710012200
Jermaine Taylor10.10127463405
Jack McInerney6.1618102323
Jack Jewsbury-7-.332341011
Jack Barmby-14-.415721136
Fanendo Adi64.5039131004819
Diego Valeri39.18108535101728
Diego Chara8.062818383637
Darren Mattocks7.37813124
Darlington Nagbe17.25199651513
Dairon Asprilla-15-.28102053411
Chris Klute7.1395201128
Alvas Powell4.0331233523824

Game Grades

GameImpact ScoreEfficiency Score+ Attacking- Attacking+ Defense-Defense+Possession- Possession
Match 2 Vs. San Jose61.37502449232819
Match 1 vs. Columbus61.44401150151319
Match 3 vs. Real Salt Lake39.25603423121513
Match 4 vs. Orlando City-32-.17393921361936
Match 5 vs. LA Galaxy20.13292045321416
Match 6 vs. Dallas-4-.01674341562437
Match 7 vs. San Jose42.18662955482022
Match 8 vs. New England32.14402363432429



Welcome to Spreadsheet Warriors.  This is an attempt to be a semi-objective player power rankings. Each week, one of us will watch every moment of the game and assign grades for penetration and possession.  The scale is [-2] [0] [2].  Scores of -2 or 2, are reserved for definite and obvious actions.  Example: Asprilla’s shot against Dallas at home is without a doubt, universally obvious, thus would rate 2.  Grades of 1 and -1 are reserved for more contextually dubious actions.  0 is even.

Penetration: defined as any direct and significant advancement into enemy territory.  0 being even in this scale, points are not rewarded for maintenance passes.

Possession: defined as losing or maintaining possession in extraordinary circumstances.  0 being even in this scale, points are not rewarded for simply having the ball.

Actions around the ball are divided into three categories: Attack, Defense, and Possession.

Attack: Finishing, Attacking Pass, Attacking Run, Crossing, Distribution.

Defense: Clearance, Defensive Positioning, One on One Defending, Fouls, Aerial Wins.

Possession: Unforced Turnover, Keeping Possession Under Duress, Touch.


Impact: The total of negative and positive actions.

Efficiency: The total of negative and positive actions divided by total # of actions.  Perfect = 1.


Written by @RoscoeMyrickTID


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