Grip of GIFs: PTFC @ FCD | April 29

Here are some GIFs from the Saturday match v. Dallas.  Let me know if you have any requests.

1st Half

4’ – Guzman accidentally steps on Acosta’s ankle going for the ball (replay)

8’ – Guzman with a nice sliding pass directly to Asprilla

11’ – Adi pressures Gonzales in the box forcing him to get rid of it quickly

13’ – Zimmerman times his slide to easily poke it away from Nagbe

15’ – Vytas’ cross is slightly deflected, makes it all the way through, Gonzales jumps on it

18’ – Urruti tries to lead Akindele in the box, Attinella pounces on it

19’ – Pressure from Blanco forces Gonzales to make an errant pass, out of bounds for a PTFC throw-in

24’ – Nice tackle by Guzman, Adi gets ball and is fouled at top of the box

30’ – Adi heads Guzman’s FK in, goal PTFC (**0-1**)

32’ – Figueroa sends in a cross, Ridgewell’s diving header sends it up for Attinella to grab

33’ – Vytas issued a YC after elbowing Urruti in the face (replay)

36’ – Adi’s attempt at a bicycle kick ends up with him being called for a foul

37’ – Figueroa receives a YC after stepping on Blanco

44’ – Blanco takes off on a counter, Hedges times his tackle and takes it away

2nd Half

53’ – Chara able to knock ball away from Akindele, save it from going out for corner, and take it away from Morales all within 10 seconds

56’ – Figueroa takes a shot way outside that stays low and goes wide right

58’ – Asprilla nutmegs Zimmerman in the box, goes down but no call

58’ – Attinella saves a hot Acosta shot, Barrios gets rebound and his shot goes wide right

61’ – Nagbe loses it, Urruti takes a crack from outside, goal FCD (**1-1**)

Replay #1 of Urruti’s goal

Replay #2 of Urruti’s goal

64’ – Blanco gets it to Nagbe in the box but Nagbe can’t control it, gets knocked down, no call

71’ – Blanco ends with ball in the box and scores, goal PTFC (**1-2**)

73’ – Grana earns a YC for a high kick to Adi’s face (replay)

76’ – Barrios hustles and sends in a nice cross, Vytas whiffs on the backheel, Colman’s shot from 12 yards out goes over the bar

76’ – Attinella comes out to kick a ball away and collides with Powell (replay)

80’ – Grana crosses it into the box, Powell slips, Akindele with the easy score, goal FCD (**2-2**)

Replay of Akindele’s goal

85’ – Attinella able to get two hands on Acosta’s FK heading for goal, corner for FCD

90’ – Blanco’s FK cleared out of the box by FCD, Blanco’s shot from outside the box goes over the bar

90’ + 1’ – Mattocks’ cross into the box is a little too low to make it to Adi or Barmby

90’ + 2’ – Urruti easily gets by Powell, but his cross goes high and far

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