Grip of GIFs: PTFC @ LAG | March 12

1st Half

5’ – Tacticle foul by LA to stop Nagbe on PTFC counter

5’ – Great hustle and pass by Olum to Valeri, quick pass to Chara

7’ – Decent D at the top of the box by Chara, but Olum’s clearance goes right to LA, Lletget’s shot deflects off Guzman but ends up about 2 yards wide of goal

7’ – Powell goes shoulder to shoulder with Van Damme, knocks him down, no foul, but ball incorrectly given to LA for a corner instead of GK for PTFC

8’ – Olum heads away corner to Blanco, Blanco bombs it to Chara who heads it on the run to Valeri, Valeri gets it back to Chara for an easy score, goal PTFC (**0-1**)

Replay of counter and Chara’s goal from further down side

Replay of Chara’s goal (from end)

Replay of Chara’s goal (net cam)

9’ – Gleeson rolls it to Miller, Miller kicks it out of bounds…

13’ – Olum tries to head a long ball back to Gleeson, forces Gleeson to come out of the box and clear it from an oncoming McBean

14’ – Blanco quickly changes direction and send a long cross into Adi in the box, Garcia injured on the play

20’ – Gleeson just gets a paw on a Garcia cross meant for McBean

22’ – Chara steps on McBeans foot, tripping him in the box, no call

23’ – Nagbe challenges for a ball with cleats showing, earns a YC

Replay of Nagbe’s challenge

23’ – Scuffle ensues

26’ – Adi spins, makes it in the box, bad pass to Valeri goes to LA

30’ – Powell with anoter shoulder to shoulder tackle, this time against Alessandrini, no call

31’ – “Valeri trippin’ Steres out of his sneakers there” – Strong

31’ – Van Damme comes forward, fouls Chara, earns a YC for dissent

Replay of Van Damme’s foul

32’ – Nagbe being Nagbe, blowing by defenders, and getting in the box

34’ – Van Damme given his 2nd YC for his attempted trip on Guzman

Replay of Van Damme’s foul on Guzman

37’ – Guzman trying to play with one arm, collapses in pain, subbed out

42’ – McBean’s cross almost finds Dos Santos, pushed out for CK for LAG by Gleeson

45’ + 3’ – PTFC takes off on a counter, Adi’s header doesn’t make it to Chara on the run near the top of the box


2nd Half

48’ – Blanco’s shot deflects off Chara for a GK

49’ – Chara tries to find Nagbe, Diop comes sliding out to clear it

50’ – Solid D from Farfan in the corner

52’ – Garcia receives a YC for playing Nagbe’s foot, not the ball

Replay of Garcia trying to amputate Nagbe’s foot

55’ – Nagbe has a go from the top of the box but doesn’t get much power on it, easily gobbled up by Diop

55’ – Nagbe has takes another shot from the top of the box, firing it wide right

57’ – Powell muscles Boateng out of the way to earn a GK for PTFC

60’ – Blanco tries to chip Diop or find Adi at the back post

64’ – Chara goes down in the box after getting bumped by Pedro, no call

67’ – Nice little spin by Pedro to get around Valeri

70’ – Farfan with a nice low cross to Valeri open in the box, Valeri’s shot saved

70’ – Adi accidentally steps on Diop’s ankle, no foul called (70:19 replay)

71’ – Gleeson with his first save of the match off a Alessandrini near post

72’ – Adi leads a counter, decides to keep it intstead of passing it and ends up getting his shot blocked by a hustling Garcia (with a wide open Valeri to his right)

75’ – Powell’s cross to Adi just blocked by Steres

75’ – Valeri threads the needs looking for a speeding Powell down the right, but Diop comes out to dive on it. Powell proceeds to hit the ball out of Diop’s hands and earns a YC

80’ – Chara takes down both Pedro and Villarreal at the same time, foul called

82’ – Alessandrini gets his FK around the wall at the top of the box, but just wide of goal

90’ – Chara takes a shot from the top of the box, easily saved by Diop

90’ – Miller and Gleeson collide, Miller hurts his jaw and Gleeson his shoulder – both ok

Replay of Miller and Gleeson collision

90’ + 4’ – Chara makes a run, but Diop comes sliding out to clear it

90’ + 4’ – Gleeson gets a paw on a flicked on header by Villarreal that was heading into the goal, sealing the win for PTFC

Replay of Gleeson’s save (net cam)

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