Grip of GIFs: PTFC @ PHI | April 8

Here are some GIFs from the Saturday match v. Philadelphia.  Let me know if you have any requests.

2’ – Chara with a long pass across field to Powell, Powell with a perfect header to Blanco

8’ – After a nice backheel pass by Sapong, Gleeson comes out to meet Fabinho, kick save

14’ – PTFC counter, Adi’s pass to Valeri a bit wide, Valeri’s cross headed wide by Blanco

16’ – Guzman misplays Olum’s pass, earns a YC for tripping Bedoyaat the top of the box

Replay of Guzman tripping Bedoya

17’ – Gleeson dives to save Medunjanin’s FK

18’ – PHI’s corner falls in the box, PTFC tries to clear it, Ilsinho’s shot blocked

26’ – Marquez heads in Medunjanin’s corner, goal PHI (**1-0**)

32’ – Nagbe slots in a shot just outside the box, goal PTFC (**1-1**)

Replay of Nagbe’s goal

33’ – Adi takes a shot from outside the box, just over the bar

38’ – Powell and Pontius knock heads, extended delay (replay)

40’ – Valeri crosses to Adi, Adi takes a touch and takes a shot wide right

43’ – Adi flicks it to Nagbe who finds Valeri making a run at the top of the box, Valeri gets it to Blanco, Blanco taken down by Fabinho, no call

45’ + 1’ – Valeri’s shot from the top of the box blocked by Fabinho

45’ + 3’ – Chara strips Medunjanin, Medunjanin earns a YC after a foul on Nagbe

2nd Half

48’ – Powell gets burned by Fabinho but recovers and blocks cross, ball goes off Fabinho

51’ – Valeri finds Adi in the box, Onyewu just able to clear it after Adi’s first touch

51’ – Ilsinho let’s one go from the top of the box, just wide left

Replay of Ilsinho’s shot

53’ – Farfan slides in to take it away from Ilsinho

53’ – Valeri finds Blanco making a run in the box, Blanco’s shot saved

55’ – Nagbe’s shot easily picked up by Blake

56’ – Farfan beats Ilsinho to the ball and kicks it straight up in the air, ends up stealing it from Ilsinho and kicking it out for a PHI throw-in

58’ – Give and go by Blanco and Adi in the box, Blanco’s shot goes wide right

59’ – Ilsinho earns a YC after winning the ball, but running into Farfan

62’ – Powell with the poke, shoulder, and steal

66’ – Miller head-flicks (is that a thing?) Valeri’s FK on target (which actually glances off Marquez’s head), goal PTFC (**1-2**)

Replay of Miller’s goal

69’ – Adi with an unsuccessful bicycle kick

70’ – Blanco feeds Adi on a counter, Adi goes down in the box, no call

73’ – Sapong gets by Miller, Olum earns a YC for a heavy tackle

75’ – Valeri with the steal and backheel pass to Farfan, Frafan passes it down the line to Adi who finds Mattocks in the box, Mattocks’ shot blocked

81’ – Mattocks maintains possession while getting hounded, makes it into the box and gets knocked down, no foul

85’ –Mattocks get to a Nagbe pass, fouled by Blake just in the box and earns a PK

88’ – Adi scores of the PK, goal PTFC (**1-3**)

90’ + 2’ – Mattocks injured after being run into from behind by Onyewu, Onyewu issued a YC

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