Grip of GIFs: PTFC @ SEA | May 27

1st Half

3’ – Gleeson saves a Lodeiro shot from outside the box, headed out by Valentin

4’ – Marshall redirects a Lodeiro CK, headed in by Roldan, goal SEA (**1-0**)

Replay of Roldan’s goal

6’ – Blonco’s attempted cross(?) drifts towards goal, Frei tips it over goal

7’ – Seattle able to clear a Guzman cross

11’ – Nagbe picks off a Roldan pass, takes it all the way to SEA’s box, lays off for Adi and Adi’s shot blocked by Svensson

12’ – Blanco has a go from 30 yards out, diving save by Frei

19’ – SEA blocks three consecutive PTFC shots

22’ – Terrible Valentin clearance results in Dempsey with ball at top of box, Guzman takes down Dempsey and gets hit in face, no calls

25’ – Blanco’s cross just inches too far in front of a sliding Valeri

26’ – Jones gets it into Lodeiro, decent D by Ridgewell, cleared by Olum

28’ – Adi sends a slow roller to Frei from outside the box

29’ – Shipp’s shot from outside the box sails over the bar

32’ – Blanco gets it to Guzman at the top of the box, Guzman’s doesn’t make solid contact, shot goes wide right

36’ – Dempsey finds Jones down right side, Gleeson dives to catch Jones’ cross

36’ – Blanco wide-open on counter, shot goes across goal wide left

42’ – Dempsey elbows Miller in the head, foul called but no card (replay)

44’ – Olum redirects a corner, Ridgewell’s header goes over the bar

45’ + 2’ – Blanco slides in and half(?) scissors Roldan, Roldan pops up, Blanco puts hands on both sides of face

Replay of Blanco’s foul on Roldan


2nd Half

54’ – Nagbe’s shot hits Marshall’s arm in the box, no call (replay)

55’ – Nagbe gets it to Valeri in the box, SEA steals and clears

56’ – Gleeson just able to get to a ball at the top of the box before Demspey does

58’ – Marshall heads a FK over the bar in front of goal

60’ – Okugo earns a YC for pulling down Dempsey on a SEA counter

61’ – Frei just beats Adi to a ball outside the box, clears it

61’ – Lodeiro’s cross into the box cleared by Vytas

62’ – Corner makes it to Marshall, shot goes over the bar

65’ – Morris gets by Miller and Okugo into the box, Ridgewell and Gleeson combined to stop his cross to Dempsey

67’ – Blanco and Svensson both go down in the box, foul called on Blanco

67’ – Valeri leads Adi into the box, Svensson able to take it away

68’ – Gleeson just able to get to a ball in the box in front of Morris

69’ – Lodeiro’s cross just a few feet too far in front of Dempsey and a trailing Morris

70’ – Morris and Vytas go shoulder-to-shoulder, arms tangle, no foul called on Vytas, Gleeson able to get to it

70’ – Gleeson able to push away a low Dempsey shot from the top of the box

72′ – Jones backpasses it to Frei, no call

74’ – Asprilla gets past Jones, cross to Adi just a little too far in front, SEA clears it

77’ – Alonso reaches over Adi, hands makes contact with ball in box, no call (replay)

79’ – Ridgewell able to slide in a poke ball away from Morris in the box

83’ – Dempsey collects the ball in the box off a long pass, Olum able to dispossess him

87’ – Asprilla whistled for a foul for high kick on Roldan (replay)

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