Grip of GIFs: PTFC v. ATL | May 14

1st Half

1’ – Blanco sends in a quick cross to Adi, Kann able to fall on it, Adi trips over him

6’ – Gonzalez Pirez’ shot from outside the box easily handled by Gleeson

10’ – Powell’s clearance goes off the side of Asad’s head, play stops

Replay of Asad getting hit in the head

14’ – Asad waves off calls for him to come off the field

16’ – Apsrilla with a heavy touch/slip on a PTFC counter

17’ – Asprilla takes a shot from outside the box, wide

22’ – Asprilla ends another counter by misplaying the ball

24’ – Adi chests it down and shoots in the box, doesn’t make solid contact

25’ – Asprilla’s cross into Adi intercepted and cleared by González Pirez

28’ – Almirón loses it in the box to Vytas and Chara

28’ – Blanco gets knocked down on a counter, YC for Parkhurst

29’ – Valeri’s FK easily saved by Kann

31’ – Asad tries to find Gressel in the box, knocked down by Vytas, no call

34’ – Almirón crosses it in the box, intercepted and cleared by Vytas

35’ – Carmona and Guzman both go down in the box, no call (replay)

35’ – Carmona earns a YC for a scissor tackle on Blanco at midfield

38’ – Blanco’s shot from way outside goes wide left

44’ – Asad backheels to Almirón, Almirón gets by Miller into the box, but Chara/Gleeson able to clear it


2nd Half

46’ – Asprilla’s pass taken away by Larentowicz, quick pass that glances of Villalba to Gressel, Gressel scores from outside the box, goal ATL (**0-1**)

49’ – Almirón tries to curl one from outside the box, wide left

50’ – Ridgewell heads in Guzman’s FK, goal PTFC (**1-1**)

53’ – Asprilla gets knocked down awaiting return pass from Blanco, no call

54’ – Guzman gets a YC for a late tackle on Almirón (replay)

55’ – Larentowicz goes down after getting bumped by Blanco (replay)

59’ – Almirón get it to Mears in the box, taken away by Vytas

65’ – Ridgewell bumps Villalba in the box, Villalba goes down but no call

67’ – Valeri gets knocked down but able to maintain possession, kicks it off Asad for a PTFC corner

67’ – Asprilla can’t make solid contact with Valeri’s corner, Adi’s right hand makes contact with the ball as he falls backwards, no call

68’ – Powell with the steal, give and go with Adi, Powell’s pass to Valeri in the box intercepted by Mears

70’ – Blanco pokes the ball away, but fouls González Pirez after

71’ – Ridgewell gently pulls down Villalba by head, called for the foul

72’ – González Pirez able to poke ball away from Mattocks, stopping a PTFC counter

72’ – Vytas earns a YC for knocking down Gressel on a counter

74’ – Adi tries to curl one around Kass from outside the box, Krass with a diving save, Blanco’s rebound shot blocked, Adi’s follow up shot blocked

75’ – Ridgewell heads a Guzman corner wide left

76’ – Almirón’s shot deflects off Ridgewell, calls for a handball but not whistled

81’ – Asad and Guzman ‘collide’, no call

82’ – Adi heads a Valeri cross into the arms of Kann, falls over Mears after

84’ – Gressel’s shot deflects off Vytas, corner for ATL (Miller earns a YC for heavy tackle earlier)

90’ + 1’ – Blanco brought down by Mears, not too happy about it

90’ + 2’ – After a poor FK, Guzman’s rocket of a shot bounces off the top left corner of goal

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