Grip of GIFs: PTFC v. HOU | March 18

Here are some GIFs from the Houston match on Saturday.  Let me know if you have any requests or see any mistakes.

1st Half

1’ – PTFC gets an early shot on goal after a give-and-go with Valeri and Adi at the top of the box, Valeri’s shot goes wide

2’ – Elis’ shot goes wide left as HOU gets their first chance at goal

3’ – Nagbe leads the counter, Valeri crosses to Adi, Deric able to get to it before Adi

Replay of Valeri’s cross

5’ – Powell gets a head on Blanco’s cross after the corner, header goes wide right

9’ – Torres takes an unimpressive FK, Gleeson able to catch it

10’ – Blanco’s attempted cross goes off Beasley’s elbow, PK awarded

11’ – Valeri sends Deric to the left as he nails the PK right down the middle, goal PTFC (**1-0**)

13’ – Beasley gets it to Alex just inside the box, Alex’s shots sails high (Replay)

15’ – Adi tries a backheel to Valeri in the box, Deric is quick to scoop it up

18’ – Gleeson is able to grab Quioto’s free kick taken just outside the box

Replay of Gleeson grab (net cam)

20’ – Guzman earns a YC for running over Torres from behind

21’ – Beasley to Torres to Alex in the box, Alex’s shot deflects off Miller and saved by Gleeson, kicked out for a corner by Valentin

27’ – Alex sends a high cross across goal, Elis’ header goes wide right

31’ – Alex sends a screamer over the bar

34’ – Miller takes down Torres at the top of the box, YC given to Miller

37’ – Chara called for a handball in the box, PK awarded to HOU (Replay)

38’ – Torres converts PK, goal HOU (**1-1**)

42’ – Blanco sends a dangerous low cross across goal, but no Timbers there

43’ – Leonardo passes it back to Deric, Deric’s clearance goes up instead of away and he’s forced to kick it out for a PTFC corner

45’ + 2’ – Elis finds Quioto on a counter, Quioto able to slot it far-post past Gleeson, goal HOU (**1-2**)


2nd Half

49’ – Nagbe just unable to reach Blanco’s deflected cross in the box

55’ – Chara’s shot goes just over the cross bar

56’ – Nagbe’s shot deflects off Valeri, deflection just goes wide

57’ – Valentin’s cross to the middle of the box headed in by Valeri, goal PTFC (**2-2**)

59’ – Nagbe finds Adi at the top of the box, Adi turns and miss kicks it

63’ – Guzman channels the ghost of WJ and launches one into the TA

65’ – Chara’s poor header allows Elis to take off on a counter, Chara wins it back with some solid D in the box

66’ – Ball bounces around in the box, falls to Guzman, give and go to a falling Nagbe, Guzman puts it in the back of the net, goal PTFC (**3-2**)

Replay of Nagbe’s pass and Guzman’s goal

68’ – Chara finds Adi in the box, Adi with a heavy touch but still gets a shot off, blocked by Leonardo

72’ – Blanco has a go from outside the box, just wide right

Replay of Blanco’s shot (North End)

79’ – Nagbe steal and nifty footwork, Valeri to Adi in the box, Adi’s shot blocked by Deric

87’ – Miller’s clearance gets to Guzman, Guzman quickly to Adi, Deric comes out but can’t handle Adi’s jukin’, Adi slots it in far post, goal PTFC (**4-2**)

Replay of Adi’s goal (North End)

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