Grip of GIFs: PTFC v. NER | April 2

Slight delay, but here are GIFs from the NER match on Sunday.  Let me know if you have any requests.

1st Half

2’ – Rowe takes a shot from outside the box, blocked by Gleeson

3’ – Rowe heads Nguyen’s corner just wide of goal, Gleeson dives into post

7’ – Blanco’s cross into the box knocked out for a corner by Delamea

9’ – Great touch by Adi to get the ball to Valeri, Valeri’s cross deflected by Delamea and caught by Cropper

10’ – Valeri’s shot headed away by Smith

12’ – Valeri scores off the poor clearance by Tierney, goal PTFC (**1-0**)

Replay of Valeri’s goal from the North End

23’ – Smith heads Nguyen’s cross back across goal harmlessly

24’ – Kouassi with a hard tackle on Valeri, foul called (replay)

27’ – After battling for the ball Farfan comes away with it

32’ – Nice pass from Rowe to Agudelo (replay)

35’ – Gleeson just gets a leg on Rowe’s cross

44’ – Heavy bump from behind by Kouassi on Guzman, YC

45’ + 1’ – Adi dekes Smith, takes a shot on goal, easily saved


2nd Half

47’ – Rowe receives a YC for a heavy tackle on Farfan (replay)

48’ – Weak clearance by Miller, Fagundez can’t quite make solid contact with his shot, easily saved by Gleeson

49’ – Chara hustles, steals it from Agudelo, gets fouled

49’ – Chara finds Powell down the side, Powell’s cross sails over Adi’s head, but cleared out by Farrell for a PTFC corner

51’ – Adi has a go with outside food from outside the box (replay)

52’ – Pressure PTFC force Cropper to make an errant pass to Delamea, PTFC throw-in

52’ – Blanco gets in the box, ball fall to Guzman, Guzman’s shot sails just over the bar

56’ – Adi bumped by Kouassi in the box, no call

58’ – Blanco has a go from outside the box, slow and wide

61’ – Agudelo goes down in the box after running into Olum, no call, Agudelo apologizes

63’ – Valeri backheels it to Blanco in the box, Blanco’s shot blocked out by Smith for a corner

65’ – Chara crosses it to Miller in the box, Miller pulled down by Agudelo in the box, no call

66’ – Adi with some fancy footwork to get in the box, pass headed out by Kouassi for a PTFC corner

73’ – Valeri crosses it to Adi in the box, Adi seems to get pulled down by Smith, no call

74’ – Kamara gets bumped in the box by Powell, no call

78’ – “Clever footwork from Powell”, ends up turning it over

84’ – Poor clearance by Miller leads to Nguyen’s goal, goal NER (**1-1**)

88’ – Great cross by Powell into the box, Adi’s header goes over the bar

90’ + 4’ – Blanco’s cross makes it all the way through, no one home for PTFC, cleared by Rowe

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