Grip of GIFs: PTFC v. SEA | August 28

Here are some GIFs from the 4-2 victory over Seattle on Sunday.  If you have any requests, let me know.

1st Half

1’ – Valeri gets the ball to Adi in the box, Adi’s shot goes wide

8’ – Adi heads it to Valeri in the box, Valeri’s shot sails over goal

11’ – Valeri finds Ridgewell open in the box off a FK, Ridgewell’s shot/pass goes wide of far post

16’ – Vytas scores off a Jewsbury corner, goal PTFC (**1-0**)

Replay of Vytas goal (goalpost cam)

18’ – Melano with a terrible giveaway to Evans, Vytas able to head attempted cross out

20′ – Chara loses it…just so he can steal it back

20’ – Powell with a rare half way decent cross, just a few feet in front of Adi

21’ – Nice dummy by Melano gets the ball to Valeri, Valeri’s shot saved by Frei, Adi pounces on rebound and puts it into the back

of the net, goal PTFC (**2-0**)

Replay of goal (west side)

23’ – Great pass deep pass from Ridgewell to Adi, chested down to Melano, Melano gets by Evans and dribbles it into the box,

weak cross easily jumped on by Frei

24’ – After an Adi handball in the box (no call), referee Grajeda gets two touches in

26’ – Nagbe dances around, Lodeiro with a heavy trip/tackle, yellow card

28’ – After a great cross from Powell to Valeri, Frei comes out to block a point-blank Valeri shot

28’ – Chara passes to Melano in front of goal, Melano able to toe it in, goal PTFC (**3-0**)

32’ – Nice little over the head pass by Chara

34’ – PTFC counters, Melano gets Jersey tugged by Jones, no call, Valeri fires a shot from outside the box just wide

37’ – Adi’s shot blocked by Marshall, Powell’s shot caught by Frei

43’ – S. Taylor heads a Valeri FK in the back of the net, goal PTFC (**4-0**)


(Unfortunately, the match I have jumps from 42:50 to 51:00)


2nd Half

55’ – Gomez able to sneak behind Vytas, can’t control Ivanschitz’ pass in the box

56’ – Alonzo gives Valeri a shove in the back, knocking him over into Evans

Replay of Alonzo knocking over Valeri

58’ – Morris takes a shot just inside the 18, blocked by Gleeson, cleared by Melano

61’ – Chara owning the midfield, another steal

65’ – This is Chara’s midfield, he lives out there, so don’t go there, another steal

65’ – Adi passes it into the box, Melano dummy, Valeri can’t get to it

67’ – Powell with a bad giveaway right to Morris

67’ – Powell destroys two seattle defenders

Replay of Powell destroying

69’ – Low cross by Vytas into the box, Adi can’t get to it

71’ – Alonzo sends a slow and dangerous header just wide of goal

72’ – Chara doing his best Ricky Henderson impression, another steal, draws foul

73’ – Valeri goes down kind of easy after a Lodeiro hand to the face

74’ – Powell with a nice interception, finds Adi on a long run, Adi’s cross a little too far in front of Valeri

77’ – More of Chara creepin’ and crawlin’, getting another steal

78’ – Jones earns a yellow for a hard tackle on Harvey Chara, Attorney at Law

80’ – Evans knocks Vytas down, sends a header over the bar

85’ – He is vengeance, he is the night, he is Chara. Chara takes Lodeiro down as he takes the ball away

85’ – Adi can’t get a foot on Nagbe’s pass in the 6-yard box

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