Grip of GIFs: PTFC v. VAN | April 22

Wasn’t able to GIF the SKC match for a variety of reasons, but I’m back!  Here are some GIFs from PTFC’s match v. VAN on Saturday.  Let me know if you have any requests.

1st Half

1’ – Asprilla able to get between two VAN players, fouled by Harvey and earns a FK

4’ – After an Asprilla turnover, Mattocks steps in and takes it from Tchani

6’ – Nice long pass by Ridgewell, Valeri’s header gets to Asprilla, Asprilla can’t control it in the box

10’ – Ridgewell’s header goes across goal, Bolaños can’t make solid contact with a header, cleared by Olum

13’ – More solid defense from Mattocks as he pressures Laba forcing a bad pass, Laba pokes it away from Nagbe, but ball given to VAN

18’ – Great cross from Vytas into the box to Mattocks, Mattocks can’t control it

18’ – Nagbe mishits a volley and Valeri’s shot blocked by Waston

18’ – Nagbe scores a stunner from outside the box, goal PTFC (**1-0**)

Replay of Nagbe’s goal from the North End

20’ – Techera sends a cross into the box, Bolaños’ header goes high

22’ – Guzman picks Techera’s pocket, Techera immediate fouls him just outside the box

22’ – Olum can’t quite get high enough to head Valeri’s FK (replay)

23’ – Parker sends a weak pass back to Ousted, Asprilla beats Ousted to it, but can’t control it

25’ – Nice long pass through a few VAN players from Nagbe to Valeri

26’ – After a Vytas throw-in, Mattocks does well keeping possession and earning a corner after a quick back and forth with Nagbe

33’ – Attinella jumps out to slap away a cross by Techera, Guzman clears it

36’ – Bolaños gets a cross by Powell, Montero just beats Ridgewell to it but his header goes high

40’ – Nagbe to Valeri to Mattocks, goal PTFC (**2-0**)

Replay of Mattocks’ goal from west side

43’ – Asprilla turns and lets one go from just outside the box, just over the bar

45’ + 1’ – Techera sends in a cross, Jacobson’s glancing header goes wide left

45’ + 2’ – Williams sends in a cross, Ridgewell’s header doesn’t go anywhere and ends up at Moneto’s feet who gets it to Jacobson, Jacobson can’t control it

2nd Half

49’ – Asprilla crosses it into Mattocks who appears to get knocked down by Waston, no call

Replay of Mattocks going down in the box

50’ – Bolaños cross makes it all the way across goal, Techera, Jacobson, and Montero all get a foot on it before it’s cleared by Chara and Olum

52’ – Powell clips Bolaños’ leg, FK for VAN (both replays)

56’ – Jacobson can’t get to Montero’s pass into the box

Replay of Montero’s pass to Jacobson

58’ – Powell called for a foul in the box as Bolaños goes down, PK VAN

59’ – Attinella blocks Montero’s PK, but Montero knocks it in off the rebound

Replay of Montero’s PK and goal from the North End

64’ – Harvey issued a YC for a heavy block on Valeri (replay)

66’ – Valeri brought down just outside the box by Waston, FK

67’ – Nagbe’s FK bounces off the wall, Valeri fires one in on goal right at Outsted

68’ – Ridgewell issued a YC for taking down Jacobson, stopping a counter

76’ – Bolaños finds Montero making a run in the box, Montero’s chip goes just wide right

Replay of Montero’s chip

84’ – Powell to Mattocks, Mattocks fights for it and gets it to Barmby, Barmby with a perfect pass deep across field to Blanco

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