The Nagbe Touch: USMNT v. Honduras GIFs | March 24

Here are GIFs of all Nagbe’s touches in the 6-0 win over Honduras on Friday.  Overall, quiet and composed match from him where he completed 31 of 33 passes.  Here are his passes in the 1st half and 2nd half:

1st Half

3’ – Receives pass from Altidore, long dribble across the field with nice sidestep, passes it to Cameron

Replay of Nagbe’s sidestep

8’ – Passes it out of bounds

9’ – Receives pass from Villafana, passes it back to Bradley and gets it right back, passes it to Villafana who slips, recovered by Pulisic

10’ – Receives pass from Bradley, passes it back to Brooks

11’ – Pokes it away from Najar for a Honduras throw-in

13’ – Receives pass from Dempsey on counter, low cross to Lletget, gets it back, passes it back to Gonzalez

16’ – Receives cross from Bradley, passes it back and forth, finally gets it back to Villafana as he gets knocked over

19’ – Receives pass from Altidore, accelerates and passes it off to Pulisic, Pulisic’s pass back is behind Nagbe, Honduras steal

20’ – Receives pass from Bradley, passes it out wide to Villafana and then gets it back, passes it back to Howard

20’ – Short pass from Dempsey, Nagbe with a short pass to Bradley

22’ – Glancing header gets the ball to Pulisic

24’ – Nagbe puts pressure on Beckeles, earns a throw-in for USA

24’ – Little back and forth with Villafana after a throw-in in the attacking third, out for a Honduras throw-in

28’ – Nagbe and Pulisic play some D at midfield, ball falls to Bradley, Altidore – Nagbe – Altidore – Nagbe, Nagbe gets knocked over and loses ball

31’ – Nags on defense, pokes it out of bounds for a Honduras throw-in

32’ – Little header flick redirects ball to Pulisic (Pulisic’s next pass leads to a Dempsey goal)

34’ – Receives it from Villafana, back to Bradley

38’ – Nagbe receives a header from Bradley in the defensive 1/3, immediately fouled by Espinoza

42’ – Steps in front of a quick pass by Honduras, challenges for ball, no foul called, USA ball

45’ + 2’ – Quick give and go with Pulisic at midfield, loses it

2nd Half

48’ – Nagbe gets a foot on a cross at the top of USA’s box, Villafana clears it

52’ – Villafana pokes it away from Honduras to Nagbe, Nagbe finds Pulisic on a run

55’ – Receives toe pass from Bradley at midfield, dribbles to the right, passes it to Bedoya

57’ – Castellanos (ref) dummy nutmegs it to Nagbe, Nagbe kicks it out wide to Villafana

58’ – Receives it from Bradley, passes to Villafana on a run down left side, out for a USA throw-in

63’ – Short header to Pulisic at midfield

64’ – Beckeles pokes away a pass from Bradley, Honduras ball, Nagbe stays with it on defense and wins it back for USA

65’ – Bradley to Nagbe, Nagbe back to Brooks

74’ – Short pass from Bradley, Nagbe passes it back to Ream

74’ – Ream finds Nagbe at midfield, Nagbe with a nice pass to Altidore who turns it over after a heavy first touch (Nagbe making a run), Nagbe able to poke it away for a Honduras throw-in

75’ – Nagbe can’t control it on the side, out for a Honduras throw-in

79’ – Nagbe gets a loose ball, passes it to Altidore at the top of the box, receives it back from Altidore and finds Pulisic making a run just outside the box

80’ – Sloppy backpass to Ream

81’ – Zusi’s block falls to Nagbe, Nagbe to Gonzalez

82’ – Steal and short pass to Pulisic at midfield

86’ – Receives pass from Villafana, passes it back to Ream

90’ + 1’ – Nagbe cuts off Garcia to win it, short backpass to Ream

90’ + 2’ – Quick pass back to Bradley



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