The Nagbe Touch: USMNT v. Panama GIFs | March 28

Finally got a decent quality replay and was able to GIF Nagbe’s touches for the USMNT match v. Panama.  Here they are:

1st Half

1’ – Bumps off player with ball, bad pass, USA ball

3’ – Pass down sideline intercepted

4’ – Chests down a Panama GK’s long pass, passes it off

6’ – Chests down another ball, errant pass as he gets pulled on from behind, Panama ball

6’ – Gets turned around at the top of the box on defense, Panama gets ball into the box but offside called

7’ – Tight defense by Panama, ball goes out, USA throw-in

9’ – Give and go, gets it back and pass it off as he gets taken down, no foul

12’ – Receives a USA clearance, passes it back to Villafana, couple passes later called for tripping

14’ – Makes a steal, pulled down, fouled called

18’ – Goes after a loose ball, unable to gain possession

19’ – Receives a Howard roll, takes off to midfield, passes it off to Pulisic

19’ – Simple pass to Jones

20’ – Can’t handle Bradley’s power pass

22’ – Receives ball at midfield, blows by a defender, errant pass, Panama ball

23’ – Gets to the ball first, pulled down by Machado, foul called

24’ – Receives pass from Bradley, races past Godoy, jersey gets tugged and foul called

29’ – Chests a Villafana throw-in down, passes it back with defender on him

31’ – Nagbe with the steal, passes it at midfield, gets it back and slips, gets knocked down as he tries to pass it, cleared by Panama

2nd Half

46’ – Nice steal, great run, dispossessed with a sliding tackle

48’ – Clears it right to Altidore

49’ – Tight D, wins GK for USA

49’ – Misplays a throw-in, cleared by Panama

51’ – Receives it on the run, leads Villafana who then crosses it, Pulisic’s shot deflected by Baloy

51’ – Receives CK from Brardley, little back and forth, Nagbe’s slow shot misses left

55’ – Gets harassed and pulled down, foul called

58’ – Sends a low pass into the box, Jones’ pass blocked

59’ – Simple pass to Jones

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