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Playing the PPG game

Points per game when each player starts/doesn’t start

A few days ago, someone at /r/timbers asked if I could find out what PTFC’s ppg was when Valeri started v. when he didn’t.  The data didn’t really reveal anything too surprising since he’s only sat 4 matches, but it made me want to find out what it was for some other key players…which turned into me doing it for every player that has played more matches than Vytas.  It should be noted that I’m (barely) smart enough to realize that one player doesn’t win a match and there are lots of variables that go into winning a match.  With that said, it was still interesting seeing the final results once they were all pretty in a nice neat table.  To access a sortable table, go here.

(When looking at the tables, make sure to remember that PTFC’s current ppg is 1.28 in 25 matches and that records are W-L-T)

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.12.25 AM


Just for fun, I did the same thing with players that had a significant amount of substitutions.  Usually, CP is subbing in attacking players to try and comeback from a deficit or hold onto a draw.  However, there is an exception.  When Jewsbury comes in, PTFC wins.  This isn’t because Jewsbury is coming in and having a huge impact on the match, it’s because CP is bringing him in for extra defense.  You’ll also notice that if you ever see McInerney and Barmby getting ready to be subbed in, PTFC probably won’t be making a comeback.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.08.00 PM


And, just because I don’t like to exclude people, I threw the two GKs into their own little table.  Nothing groundbreaking, but it needed to be done.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.15.13 PM

The fun part

After spending some time doing this, I realized that I could easily put two players on an excel sheet and come up with some quick stats depending on if they started together or not.  Here are a few requests I did at /r/timbers:

  • Nagbe and Valeri
    • Start together (15 matches): 1.13 ppg
    • Just Valeri starts (6 matches): 1.83 ppg
    • Just Nagbe starts (4 matches): 1.00 ppg
  • Valeri and Adi
    • Start together (18 matches): 1.17 ppg
    • Just Valeri starts (3 matches): 2.33 ppg
    • Just Adi starts (4 starts): 1.00 ppg
  • Chara and Nagbe
    • Start together (16 matches): 1.25 ppg
    • Just Nagbe starts (3 matches): 0.33 ppg
    • Just Chara starts (6 matches): 1.83
  • Powell and Valentin
    • Start together (7 matches): 0.57 ppg
    • Just Powell starts (8 matches): 1.63 ppg
    • Just Valentin starts (10 matches): 1.50 ppg

Again, lots of variables (conference of opponent, home v. away, other starts missing), but still interesting to see that: Nagbe and Valeri together don’t produce points (why?), Valeri without Nagbe is 1.83 ppg (can control the match more?), Valeri without Adi brings in 2.33 ppg (only 3 matches), Nagbe without Chara only averages 0.33 ppg (Nagbe needs to drop too deep), that Chara without Nagbe gets 1.83 ppg (see: Valeri controls), and that Powell and Valentin shouldn’t start together (0.57 ppg???).


If you have any requests, leave a comment and I’ll put them together.  Doesn’t take long at all and is fun to do.

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