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PTFC Study Guide: Timbers vs. Galaxy 3.12.17

Featured: Top 10 GIFs, Player Ratings,  Notes. 

Jeremiah is late with the GIFs. I suggested to Jeremiah that we put out a statement about his tardiness to make it clear that I had no part in this. Jeremiah was gracious enough to oblige:

Jeremiah and I rewatch each game moment by moment. I do player ratings, a simple tally of good plays (+2, +1) vs. bad plays (-1,-2). There is a lengthy explanation of methodology here.  Jeremiah GIFs all the big moments in the game and posts them on Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


We wanted to cut down on the number of GIFs posted just so folks don’t get bored. The full gif set will be available on Reddit and  Instagram.  The following are our top 10 GIF nominations of the week. Please rate each one 1-5 stars and we’ll announce the winners via Facebook and Twitter in a few days.

Player Ratings vs. LA Galaxy

Fanendo Adi 4.00 1.00 3.00 0
Diego Valeri 2.00 1.00 1.00 0
Sebastian Blanco 11.00 7.00 3.00 1.00
Ben Zemanski 0 2.00 -3.00 1.00
David Guzman 4.00 5.00 1.00 -2.00
Alvas Powell -11.00 -6.00 0 -5.00
Larry Olum 4.00 3.00 -1.00 2.00
Roy Miller 3.00 -1.00 0 4.00
Marco Farfan 6.00 4.00 0 2.00
Darlington Nagbe 9.00 6.00 2.00 1.00
Diego Chara 0 6.00 -2.00 -4.00
Dairon Asprilla 0 1.00 -1.00 0
Darren Mattocks 1.00 0 1.00 0

2017 Season Total

Fanendo Adi 22.00 11.00 10.00 1.00
Sebastian Blanco 16.00 7.00 4.00 5.00
Darlington Nagbe 16.00 10.00 5.00 1.00
Diego Valeri 13.00 5.00 7.00 1.00
Marco Farfan 6.00 4.00 0 2.00
David Guzman 6.00 9.00 -2.00 -1.00
Vytas 4.00 6.00 -1.00 -1.00
Roy Miller 3.00 -1.00 0 4.00
Diego Chara 1.00 6.00 -2.00 -3.00
Darren Mattocks 1.00 0 1.00 0
Larry Olum 0 2.00 -2.00 0
Liam Ridgewell -1.00 -2.00 2.00 -1.00
Dairon Asprilla -1.00 2.00 -1.00 -2.00
Alvas Powell -9.00 -8.00 1.00 -2.00



0:00 – I love writing these with you.

7:08 minus 7:09- I didn’t know you were gonna make it weird.

Sorry, I thought I was doing this with @The Dhollett this week, I take it back.

0:15 – That would’ve been sweet if Adi’s shot would have tested goalie immediately

0:36 – Farfan – first professional touch, STEAL

3:19 – Listening to Morissonic pod while I re-watch.  It’s always weird listening to pods so late because their previews are usually about the game I’m currently re-watching.

4:01 – Pretty much the only way to stop Nagbe on a counter, pull him down

4:06 – I forgot to put Nagbe in my rating book He registers at minute four. What does it mean? Probably nothing. Why am I writing this note. Mysterious.

5:24 – All the soccer nerds love Guzman for his big floating balls.

6:03 – Decent D near the top of the box, but who was Olum’s clearance to?

Roscoe’s mom

7:42- Who is Chara pointing up to? Valeri is behind him.  There’s the Father (Valeri at home), Son (Valeri on the pitch), and Holy Spirit (all encompassing Valeri).  I’m guessing he was pointing to the Holy Spirit Valeri.

There isn’t anything I can say about this goal that hasn’t already been said. I’ll defer to my podmate who tweeted:

7:43 – The re-watchability of this goal is on par with Adi’s juggle to WJ goal in June ‘14 v. Vancouver


8:57 LAG sloppy- Do you like Sloppy Joes Jeremiah? If so, would be open to experimenting with the concept like Sloppy Joe tacos-hotdogs-nacho cheese dip?

8:58 – Speaking of sloppy, wtf was Miller doing there?  He just kicked it out of bounds.

11:48 What did you think about Powell’s run here Jeremiah? On one hand he keeps it too long and turns it over, on the other hand there wasn’t much going and penetrating that deep gives you a shot to turn it into something.  Since I hate most of his high crosses, I’d rather see him cut in more like that and lose it with the chance of laying it off or getting fouled (like he almost did).

12:53 Nagbe really showing off for all the possession enthusiasts out there.  Just trying to up his ‘dribble’ stat.

13:20 – Few too many sloppy passes early in the match that (fortunately) ended up back to PTFC

13:32 – Don’t feel like I’ve seen a Timber change feet and cross it into the box as quickly as Blanco on that play.

15:00 – Pretty funny that the not-Strong announcer was talking about embellishment, penalties, retroactives, and all that…not even knowing that he was forshadowing what was going to be happening

15:20 – Farfan doing what he’s told to do, give it back to Nagbe if he passes it to him

20:35 – Wait…did Powell just throw it “out” instead of in?  Shades of his throw-in during Jamaica v. Mexico (but not as bad)

23:00 – Love seeing Powell come in and pushing Van Damme away from Adi

29:45 – Powell straight owning that RB corner.  Mr. Powell’s neighborhood.  Don’t go there.

34:27 – Just realized that LAG passed the captain’s armband twice.  What’s the record for most armband passes?  Find that out for me.  Thanks!

34:40 – Where you’d go?

37:13 Yo JD… make sure you GIF Guzman trying to play with one arm. One time I had too many beers after a Timbers game and I biked back to the NE. I tried to bunny hop a parallel train track but landed in it. Ate concrete and got myself what Mr. Guzman now has. I did ride back with minimal problems… then I cried in the shower alone.  Did it.

42:01 Weird when you realize Zemanski is about as far along  as Farfan

47:16 This would have been AMAZING

47:17 – Obviously.  Pretty much would’ve sealed worries would have had.  Granted, it didn’t go in, but not many teams would’ve tried or expected that to go in. Props.

I meant if it had found its way to Chara’s feet for the brace.

49:20 – Seriously, you kick it out of bounds?  With no one around you?  Come on, Olum.

49:43-49:57 This is pretty interesting sequence for Farfan. I’d like to nominate it for TOP 10.

50:00 – Have we seen Farfan with a bad defense yet?  (Wait, is this what doing a podcast is like?  Can I tell people I’m a podder?)

No this is what it’s like to be in You Got Mail.

50:57 – Boateng scares me because I feel like he’s way faster than he actually is.  Maybe it’s his size or maybe it’s how he performed against us last year.  Also, shouldn’t he incorporate a boa into his nickname?  Too easy, but so good.  Like Kobe’s black mamba.  “THE BOA STRIKES AGAIN!”

51:02 – wtf, Garcia

53:05 – Dammit, Adi.  Nagbe on the counter and you just give the ball away?  You’re better than that.

54:50 – Keep shooting Nagbe.  Always.  Anything inside 30 yards, you have my permission.  And CP’s.  And everyone’s.  But not this time.  Counter attack – wide open Adi – pass it please.

56:05 Zman tries to turn the ball over but saved by Blanco. Back to Zemanski, he tries again and succeeds!  Blanco’s thinking, “I didn’t sign up to play with this idiot.”

63:53 Bad Powell played this game What?? Powell bossed the field.  If anything it was typical Powell with a few bad plays, but an overall above average performance.

I don’t agree with you but I went to look up the stats to build a case against you and it was inconclusive.

64:47 – They should cut Zemanski mid-match.

69:28 LAG ceding position as if they hope they Keane can tag one but he’s dead retired so it just seems sad.


71:35 – You want a selfish striker that can score, but you also want to score.  Pass it to Valeri, please.

72:16 – Really wish you would have graded LA.  I feel like McBean would’ve been super low.

76:54 – All of a sudden Z decides to drop a long pass to Blanco’s feet…

77:03 Blanco is good

88:55 – Hey, sweet, Asprilla is in!  Annnnnd, he turned it over on his first touch.

93:43 How does he save this?

FT – Hi, McG!

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