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PTFC Study Guide: Timbers vs. Loons 3.3.17

Gifmaster Jeremiah is a lazy dude in Nepal whose job is easy and we’re just giving him something to do.  Jeremiah is a human who lives in Nepal and, even though he is super busy, has put aside some time to help us here. We’re combining last years Adi player rankings, which you can find the methodology for here, and Jeremiah’s tasty GIFs so that you have a place to go when you need to waste 40 minutes on the job before lunch.  You’re getting a game score, GIFs of the big moments of the game, and notes from two idiots that should have spent this time loving our families or calling our mom. Enjoy!

PlayerOverall ATTPOSDEF
Fanendo Adi 18.00 10.00 7.00 1.00
Diego Valeri 11.00 4.00 6.00 1.00
Darlington Nagbe 7.00 4.00 3.00 0
Sebastian Blanco 5.00 0 1.00 4.00
Vytas 4.00 6.00 -1.00 -1.00
Alvas Powell 2.00 -2.00 1.00 3.00
David Guzman 2.00 4.00 -3.00 1.00
Diego Chara 1.00 0 0 1.00
Darren Mattocks 0 0 0 0
Liam Ridgewell -1.00 -2.00 2.00 -1.00
Dairon Asprilla -1.00 1.00 0 -2.00
Larry Olum -4.00 -1.00 -1.00 -2.00

1st Half

3’ – 8 pass sequence (including a nice deep one by Guzman) and a shot that goes just wide by Valeri

Replay of Adi’s chest pass to Valeri and Valeri’s shot

7’ – Adi taken down twice in the box, no calls

7’ – Guzman collides with Demidov

9’ – Blanco with some nifty footwork to get by 2 defenders, loses it

10’ – Vytas let’s ball come to him, Molino wins it and takes shot from way outside, easy save by Gleeson

11’ – Nice combo: Guzman, Blanco, Valeri, Powell – corner for PTFC

11’ – Adi taken down in the box on a Blanco cross, no call

14’ – Blanco can’t quite control a Valeri pass, but hustles to get to it, eventually winning a FK for PTFC, which leads to a goal

14’ – Olum scores off a Valeri FK (flicked on by Vytas), goal PTFC (**1-0**)

Roscoe: 18:39- Guzman is such an interesting player. He’s not fast, he seems to give turns a wide berth but he really sniffs out penetration. Like here he decides very early to tuck underneath to get a toe on it and disrupt the attack.

20’ – Powell and Blanco fighting for possession

20’ – Calvo heads an Adi cross intended for Valeri out for a PTFC corner

Jeremiah: You might not have heard this, but at the 21:20 mark announcer mentions that CP said the 2nd team beat the 1st team in a scrimmage for the first time in a couple of years.

22’ – Great cross into the box by Blanco, Valeri’s pass appears to Davis’ hand in the box, no call

Roscoe: 22:50-OMG Blanco

23’ – Great tackle by Davis to steal the ball from Blanco on a counter (Valeri takes a ball to the ‘midsection’ on the clearance)

25’ – Chara gets a YC for a hard challenge on Warner

Replay of Chara’s YC

29’ – Minnesota can’t advantage of their first real change in the box as Vytas gets in the way of a Molino shot

Roscoe: 29:55- Timbers were great in this game but getting caught on the break is a potential harbinger.

30’ – Guzman to Adi, Adi with a nice one-touch pass to Nagbe on the side

30’ – Blanco’s cross is blocked, Davis’ header doesn’t make it to Alvbage, Adi tries to find Valeri but pass blocked by Alvbage and cleared

31’ – MNUFC takes off on counter, Vytas diffuses a chance in the box, forces a throw-in instead of a corner

Roscoe: 33:38- You notice that the only penetration MFC are getting is when they just lob their balls over the lines?

37:37- Take a look at the smooth switch from Vytas allowing Nagbe to take ball man.

38’ – Warner called for a foul after a heavy tackle on Guzman

Roscoe: 38:11- David Guzman is an expressive man.

43’ – One-two from Nagbe to Adi allows Nagbe to continue, Valeri loses it

Jeremiah: 42:20- Lalas, referring to Garber and Arena, “They might have been arm and arm up there!”


45:26- Nagbe with a sick 2 pointer. 1 for possession and another for springing the attack.

2nd Half

47’ – Powell gets it to Adi at the top of the box, Adi gets it wide to Blanco, Valeri heads in Blanco’s cross for a PTFC goal (**2-0**)

Valeri celebrating

Replay of Adi laying it off to Blanco and Blanco’s cross to Valeri

Replay of Valeri’s header (net cam)

51’ – Valeri leads Powell along the side, Powell’s cross just a bit too far in front of Adi

Jeremiah: 51:16 -Lalas on Minnesota: “I’m not sure they need more belief, they just need more talent.”

54’ – Vytas takes off from midfield, gives Taylor the ol’ whoopdy whoo, but can’t keep his cross in, goal kick MNUFC

Roscoe: 53:00- Vytas silky smooth splitting two defenders.

55’ – Venegas able to juggle it over Guzman and get it to Molino, Molino with a first-touch pass to Bashkim, Bashkim’s shot goes wide right

Roscoe: 56:57 Powell with some luck +nifty footwork to keep possession.

58’ – Blanco finds Powell along the sideline, Demidov able to step in front of Powell’s cross and clear it

59’ – Saeid’s cross just a little too high for Bashkim

60’ – Valeri crosses it into the box, Adi drops it off for Blanco, Blanco fires a shot just wide right

Jeremiah: 61:45 Lalas to Nagbe “JUST GO”

60′-65 2 or 3 times between 60′-65′, Chara bossed it in the box. Stepped in front of a pass or deflected one out, but didn’t get the recognition. Obviously, a quiet night for him but still had a presence. (Would it be better if I send these to Twitter so your phone isn’t going bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzz or bling bling bling?)

Roscoe: 59:41- Blanco springs Valeri then gets the shot as the trailer. Ballin’

62’ – Nagbe lays it off for Vytas, Vytas crosses it to Adi, Adi’s shot goes wide left

Roscoe: 61:18 Vytas recognizing early he needs to put in the cross early, torques his whole body to put in a big swing and hits Adi in stride. SHIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT.

67’ – Davis gets a low cross into the box, Ridgewell forced to clear it out for a corner

Roscoe: 69:22- One of the few times Guzman has found himself out of position.

72’ – Calvo just gets his head on a Blanco cross into the box meant for Adi

Roscoe: 74:49- Adi’s hold up play is special.

79’ – Venegas gets it to Ramirez at the top of the box, Ramirez turns and scores, goal MNUFC (**2-1**)

Replay of Ramirez goal

81’ – Demidov pulls down Adi in the box, penalty called

Replay of Demidov pulling down Adi in the box

Venegas receives a YC for arguing

82’ – Valeri converts the PK for a PTFC goal (**3-1**)

Roscoe: 83:29- Adi playing D late in the match. BEAST.

87’ – Vytas’ cross stopped by Demidov, clears it while sitting

Roscoe: 88:05- Vytas often conceding the corner. With our CB’s that could bite us.

88:50- What is Asprilla doing? What is Asprilla ever doing?

89’ – Ramirez flies into the goal as Saeid’s sails just high

90’ + 1’ – Nagbe goes untouched past midfield, finds Adi, Adi dekes Alvbage and Demidov and scores, goal PTFC (**4-1**)

Replay of Adi’s goal from the North End

Replay of Adi’s goal from behind net

90’ + 3’ – Adi turns Demidov around, smashes in another goal with his left, goal PTFC (**5-1**)

Jeremiah: 92:55- “This is a big man doin’ some NASTY things, look at this!”

Roscoe: 93:00- Adi is ridiculous. Watch how quickly he pushes left after the defender makes the decision to turn his back. Crazy.

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