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I have a friend that hosts a podcast called No, Totally.  I was recently invited to participate in a call-in show for their 100th episode.  What I expected was a 10-15 minute bullshit session but what I stepped into, was a long wait on hold, listening to the many many guests before me.  I know Shaun from No, Totally because he reached out to me years ago about a different podcast I was producing.  Shaun was reaching out to network, which I thought to be 1. flattering and 2. fruitless. What I would quickly learn is Shaun liked what I was doing and he wasn’t reaching out so much to network, but to surround himself with the work he liked.

Listening to this live call-in show gave a successful example of an idea that has been knocking around in my head for quite some time.  People don’t need established media outlets to make their work better, they need them to get their work seen and purchased.

While technology has made it possible to amplify the few, it needs people like Shaun to bring them together. That’s what we are attempting to do here.

Even as I’m writing this, I’m plagued with the doubt  about the audacity of this plan. Can strangers can come together and birth a creative space that will inspire and be the testing ground for the next William Conwell, Chris Rifer, Richard Miller, Damien Zariart, Back Office Gavin, Kip Kesgard, Conifers and Citrus, and Chris Gluck?  If I lived anywhere else, I’d say no but there has always been something about this city that makes the crazy ambitious ideas happen.  

So, we’re taking a swing at it.

What We Need

We’re going to post periodical posts with miscellaneous content ideas for people to use as prompts if they need them. Feel free to post your ideas in the comment section.  This outline of needed coverage for potential contributors will be updated and linked at the top of the page.



Match Previews/Match Statements- BOG

The Hangover (A kind of “State of the Timbers” each week)- Roscoe  

Podcasts: TAfieldReport, Timbros, Jacks and Roses, Rose City Soccer Show, The feed is available for any podcast to dump their MP3 into the feed and become part of the podcast network. 

Tactics:  Available

Analytics: Available

Referee Reports: Jon McG

Injury Report Audio: Available

Timbers Abroad: Eric (Villafana), General rundown of all former Timbers: Available

Podcast Reviews for upcoming opponents: Available

Graphic Design: Available



Match Previews/Match Statements: Available

Podcasts: Available

Tactics: Available

Analytics: Available

Referee Reports: Available

Injury Report Audio: Available

Thorns Abroad: Available



Match Statements: Available

Better Know A Prospect: Available

T2 Scouting Network: (see Total Soccer Show network)

Podcast: Available



Weekly Roundup: Jeff Bull

Podcast: Jeff Bull and Cody

Ridiculous MLS shit that happens: Available


Coverage of other Leagues

The 90: A Megan Cleary Podcast.

Other: Available


PTFCollective Footy Tube

Pre-Post game video reactions from Portland: BOG, Braden, Gerry


Pre-Post game video reactions from outside Portland: Available

Any video content: Available


Misc. Social Media

Twitter: Develop it… whatever it is and whatever it serves: Available

Facebook: Available

r/PubTimbers: Post every timbers related piece of content: Roscoe and Foalana


Misc. Content Ideas

Crowdsourcing Power Rankings: Available

Porter’s Greatest Hits: Available

Best Timbers Kits of All Time: Available

Ultimately, the purpose of the site is to give a platform for people’s work so by no means does anyone have to fit in these lanes, this isn’t the greatest plan in the world, it’s just a tribute, it’s just a blueprint.

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