Reel Footy 4 – The Damned United

Philip (@backofficegavin), Nicholas (@noa_narnold), Roscoe (@Shotboxer), and Dan (@dhollett) are joined by Pat (@pemaloney) from the Morrisonic Podcast (@morrisonicpod) to watch “The Damned United” starring Michael Sheen as the iconic manager Brian Clough of Derby County FC and then Leeds United FC in mid-70s England.

Topics Discussed: British self-loathing, shoplifters raping crabs, difficult geniuses, are soccer managers the least influential managers.

Intro Music: “Hail Bop” by Django Django
Includes: “Steve Bloomer’s Watching” The Derby County Anthem
and “Marching On Together” The Leeds United Anthem
Outro Music: “Man of the World” by Fleetwood Mac

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