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Stat Bag: How the first eight matches compare


PTFC is now eight matches into the season and has 16 points and 18 goals, which leads the league in both categories.  Assuming you use 50 points as the magic playoff number (even though 48.3 points is the average point total for Western Conference playoff teams since Portland joined MLS), PTFC’s 16 points puts them 32% of the way to 50 after having only played 24% of their matches.  PTFC needs 34 points in the next 26 matches to get the magic 50, which is 1.31 ppg from here on out.  As I said last time, this seems beyond doable and, while people shouldn’t get overly excited after eight matches, people should be excited about this team.  Here is how eight matches to 16 points and 18 goals compares to previous years:

This has already been pointed out, but PTFC has been able to accomplish early season success with missing players due to injuries, bull shit suspensions, and national team call-ups.  We all know that CP’s teams have traditionally started out slow and it’s fun to think about how this team could make the next step after playing together over the next few months.  Expecting this amazing start to continue would be optimistic, but not impossible.  At this rate, PTFC is on pace for 68 total points and about 77 goals.  PTFC’s highest goals total in the last six years is 61 in 2014.


These stats aren’t as fun (or impressive), but I like them.  Over the first eight matches of the season, PTFC has 18 goals for and 10 goals against.  Now that we’re about a 1/4 of the way through the season, these are a little more valid because in previous years PTFC scored 3 or 4 in a few a matches and they’ve played against some legit other teams.  Here are the stats for GF & GA from 2011-16 compared to 2017:

Even without PTFC’s 5-1 victory in the first match of the season, they’d still be tied for their best GD start ever after 8 matches.  With 18 goals for, they’re well ahead of their average of 10 goals and the 10 goals allowed puts them slightly head of their previous season average.  Should be noted they allowed the most goals in a match this season to CLB (3 goals) while missing both Guzman and Nagbe while playing away.  Will be interesting to see how PTFC’s GA does over the next few matches with Ridgewell in since he’s been solid over the last couple of years when he’s played (PTFC’s ppg has been much better with him in).  Also, PTFC is on pace to have a GD of 34 at the end of the season, which would be amazing.

I’ll plan on putting another one of these silly things together as we reach the halfway point of the season, but might throw another one up after they play their next five, which include four away matches: @ FCD, @ SJ, v. ATL, @ MTL, @ sea.

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