Statement of Intent


  1. No hierarchy, post what and when you want.
  2. Portal for regional supporter groups
  3. Better together, everyone posting in one spot keeps the momentum going.
  4. Free advertising for local and small businesses. Make scarves, T-Shirts, Stickers, etc. etc. We will help you get it out there.

It’s fascinating how modern media is changing as new technologies empower users. One thing I think we’ve all lived with is the fact that the closer expression gets to money, the closer it gets to being compromised. This isn’t a moral statement, it’s just a simple fact that the biggest markets seem to be geared toward surface level thinking.  Underneath all that are people with enough passion to spend their free time, not getting paid, diving into whatever project that inspires them. With that comes the responsibility of getting the work out there for people to see. That project is laborious and time consuming.

PTFCollective is designed as a sort of solution. If we all said “fuck off” to the self promotion aspect of our work and combined it the avalanche of things we create, we could in theory create enough content to keep the project momentum rolling.  There is no hierarchical structure and anyone can give anyone a username and password and anyone can post.  The first rule about the collective is we haven’t had any time to create a rule about the collective. There will be times where not having a political structure might present problems. I say we can handle it because we are complicated and intelligent enough to do so.

The traveling I did for the Timbers playoff run really keyed me into the fact that there are people just like us, all over the country. I think, perhaps, they feel like they are so far away from the action. I want to bring them in and give them a microphone or a platform to tell us about their experiences. I want the people who read PTFCollective to have a working knowledge about each supporters group around the country. Our podcast feed, our pages, they are open to anyone in a out-of-town supporter group.

It’s not just about sports, or the Timbers for that matter. We are going to be here every year as players and managers come and go. If you are in this community, we want to hear your voice even it’s not about what happens on the pitch. Let’s get to know each other and forever attempt to widen the umbrella.

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