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Collective News

The Yellow Card Podcast (@YellowcardSCB) has a big guest this week in Brian Dunseth (@BrianDunseth) check that out here.

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@ChrisGluck posts his Possession With Purpose which is a recap of MLS week 3 with numbers while @JeffBull5 recaps week 3 with beautiful beautiful words.  Read Numbers vs. Read Words

New Comer @Jeezuz V. Orozco Jr. catches us up on PTFC’s adopted LigaMx squad Santos Laguna. Read

Special thanks to Jeremiah O’Sullivan for putting together a complete list of GIF’s for the RSL game. Jeremiah is a moderator for r/Timbers on reddit and if you haven’t subscribed to that subreddit yet… WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN? Watch

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Shout out to the guys behind these awesome two sticks:


Damien-Zari-Zariart-Banner-Nat-Borchers-Portland-Timbers-Roscoe-Myrick-Red-City-Images.jpg (1 of 1)@Zariart

Jason-Kreis-Died-For-Our-Wins-Portland-Timbers-Roscoe-Myrick-Red-City-Images.jpg (1 of 1)@BackOfficeGavin


Off the ranch:

The best post-game match report comes from C.I. Deman who recaps the game in only the way DA-MAN can. Read

Diego Diaz, the best Timbers photographer in the game, penned an excellent piece on Line Culture that can be read here. A rebuttal titled The Dark Side of Line Culture can be found on the Timbers subreddit here.

Timber Joey’s stuff was stolen from his car. KATU news found a guy wearing all of Timber Joey’s gear the next day in a story that is both sad, hilarious and triumphant. Read. 

A GoFundMe was started to buy the 107ist a championship ring but it turns out Merritt had already made them one. Read

Speaking of Merritt, he told this guy to go fuck himself:


Feel how you want about it but we love it.







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