Pretty Green and Gold

Most Like Will Johnson Award 5/28 CHIvPOR & 6/1 PORvSJ

Frankly, I didn’t like anyone for this award against Chicago. I almost fell asleep during that match and was longing for it to be over. But the award must go to someone, so Valentin gets it again for the haircut.

However, for PORvSJ, I had a strong contender, even before he got booted off the field. Dairon Asprilla was fierce, hungry and when he lost the ball, he went after it to regain it- a classic Will Johnson characteristic. The red card just added the cherry on top of my pick.

valentin-Two-Stick-Portland-Timbers-Vancouver-Whitecaps-5-22-16-Roscoe-Myrick-Red-City-Images.jpg (1 of 1)


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